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Studio II – Prompt I

During the second half of my first semester I experienced a really difficult pregnancy which ended in a miscarriage in December. It was a horrible experience. The whole pregnancy was a painful experience but it wasn’t until the final ultrasound that doctors confirmed it was an unusually difficult experience for me. They concluded, “you haveContinue reading “Studio II – Prompt I”

Intro Thesis Research

Part 2 Studio – Prompt 4 For my fourth and final studio prompt I began to look at my current thesis investigation. I began to test it out using readings, brainstorming, reflecting, and interviewing. My Research and Studio classes were beginning to meld together to the point it is hard to separate them so IContinue reading “Intro Thesis Research”

Bibliography Building

Most of these have been read fully or partially, some have influenced my work, some have yet to do some influencing… Great Recommendations from Dialogues in Design: Seeking Stronger Plurality – Akama and Yee Decolonial Pathway for HCI – Alvarado Decolonizing the University, Indigenizing the Page – Battiste The Trouble with Tinder – Condie DesignContinue reading “Bibliography Building”


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Did you know it takes about 2,700 litres of water to grow enough water for one t-shirt? Or that in North America we throw away 10 million tons of clothing every year! If these numbers don’t shock you they should. It is up to each one of us to challenge ourselves to be the solution. From the time I was very young I was always interested in making things, especially fabric things. As I got older I realized that my making had a direct impact on the planet. And moreover what I didn’t make often had a larger footprint too. Now in my second decade as a professional clothing designer and entrepreneur I have gone back to school to explore this existential dilemma to uncover what it’s going to take to make our textile industry truly circular. Join me on this journey.

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