Studio II – Prompt I

During the second half of my first semester I experienced a really difficult pregnancy which ended in a miscarriage in December. It was a horrible experience. The whole pregnancy was a painful experience but it wasn’t until the final ultrasound that doctors confirmed it was an unusually difficult experience for me. They concluded, “you haveContinue reading “Studio II – Prompt I”

Bibliography Building

Most of these have been read fully or partially, some have influenced my work, some have yet to do some influencing… Great Recommendations from Dialogues in Design: Seeking Stronger Plurality – Akama and Yee Decolonial Pathway for HCI – Alvarado Decolonizing the University, Indigenizing the Page – Battiste The Trouble with Tinder – Condie DesignContinue reading “Bibliography Building”

Small – A response to Resilient Systems & Sustainable Qualities by Ezio Manzini

For our third studio prompt we are to pick a paper, possibly assigned to us in another class and to produce a response for it. We are constantly reminded that we are designers and not to get stuck in the academic side too much but to also articulate the design portion of the response. OnContinue reading “Small – A response to Resilient Systems & Sustainable Qualities by Ezio Manzini”

Designing in the Time of Covid-19

Whether you like it or not, everything is subject to seasons. Learning to ebb and flow with them is one of the most powerful skills you can develop as a designer. Since I have been an entrepreneur and clothing designer long enough to have seen a couple cycles people keep reaching out to me forContinue reading “Designing in the Time of Covid-19”