Studio II – Prompt … I’ve lost count

Taking what I learned from the last two prompts (Designing the Dress and Aimlessness) I was intending to put them together to explore more intention with feeling, During one of our in person sessions Sahil said something that really touched me, ”The more you know how to feel the more you can make others feel”Continue reading “Studio II – Prompt … I’ve lost count”

Studio II – Prompt IV – To Be Aimless

The Aimless Journey For this studio prompt I put a pause on working on my eco-printed dress in favour of experiencing creativity without the goal of being productive. In conversations in class I was encouraged by the group that this was the way to go at this time. Louise, my instructor suggested I try toContinue reading “Studio II – Prompt IV – To Be Aimless”

Experiencing My Masters Through Knitting (ongoing)

I am going to attempt to keep a log of all the items I knit during my Masters program. I am not sure where this will go but I can feel it is relevant to my thesis on slow fashion and sustainability. Solonge Sweater, Color Blocked Yellow/Grey, 50% Cashmere, 50% Wool – This sweater wasContinue reading “Experiencing My Masters Through Knitting (ongoing)”

Studio II – Prompt III – Designing the Dress

As I worked through prompt II – Dying the Fabric I had plenty of time to sink into my feelings about this project and ask questions like what are my motivations? Why is this important to me? What am I trying to discover? Themes that kept popping up were femininity, softness, nature, using what weContinue reading “Studio II – Prompt III – Designing the Dress”

Studio II – Prompt II – Eco- Printing

For the second prompt of the second semester studio class I wanted to do something that would push my comfort zone so I chose to start a project working with silk fabric and eco-dye techniques (dying with natural plants found in this area) which will be sewn into a dress. After talking with my instructorContinue reading “Studio II – Prompt II – Eco- Printing”

Studio II – Prompt I

During the second half of my first semester I experienced a really difficult pregnancy which ended in a miscarriage in December. It was a horrible experience. The whole pregnancy was a painful experience but it wasn’t until the final ultrasound that doctors confirmed it was an unusually difficult experience for me. They concluded, “you haveContinue reading “Studio II – Prompt I”

Bibliography Building

Most of these have been read fully or partially, some have influenced my work, some have yet to do some influencing… Great Recommendations from Dialogues in Design: Seeking Stronger Plurality – Akama and Yee Decolonial Pathway for HCI – Alvarado Decolonizing the University, Indigenizing the Page – Battiste The Trouble with Tinder – Condie DesignContinue reading “Bibliography Building”