YES Vancouver

Running for Vancouver City Council with YES Vancouver!

Stephanie Ostler is running for Vancouver city council in the upcoming election October 20 2018. Stephanie is a life long resident of Vancouver with a passion for the rainy city. As a business owner she understands the struggles people have living and working here. She has experienced issues hiring staff who can no longer afford to live close enough to their work to justify the commute. She has seen her colleagues close their shops all over the city and she feels these are just symptoms of greater problems. With a record low vacancy rating there is no competition or options for rentals and, although Vancouver has been building some homes they aren’t accessible to families, renters or the middle class. She wants to create housing for the people most in need, to fix the permitting department so businesses, renovators and builders alike are not tied up in red tape for years and she wants to engage the community with dialog allowing for the voices and issues of residents to be heard and government held accountable. Learn more about YES Vancouver and the team at their website

ig @stephanieforYES

fb /stephanieforYES



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